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Jaime M.

After two years of living with back pain that has affected everything from riding my horse to sitting at the computer for work, I decided to give Dr. Pallotti a try. I was very skeptical at first since in the past I have seen orthopedic doctors and neurologists who both concluded that the pain I have in my back would only gradually get worse over time and the only option available to me is steroid shots. But after my first adjustment with Dr. Pallotti, I was already feeling better. Overall everything has been a wonderful experience at King George Family Chiropractic and Physical Therapy. The staff is friendly and Dr. Pallotti is just great. He is very knowledgeable and truly cares about his clients. I would recommend this office to everyone!

Kiwi H.

I have been a patient of Dr. Palotti's for 10 years and highly recommend his practice for acute pain relief, pain management, and preventative care. He continues to keep me from having to have surgery on my cervical spine, where I have a herniated disk due to my straight structure, a car accident, and age-related degeneration... yet I am able to continue to play competitive tennis and to keep dancing through life. Grateful.

Nikki S.

I was so nervous to get my 1st adjustment. I went on Monday for my x-rays and pre-adjustment necessities. Today I went for the review of x-rays and adjustment. Let me tell you what! This staff is AMAZING! Informative, helpful, and friendly!! I left with some relief from the pain I had been in for months. It will be a process to getting back to 100%, but I look forward to each visit!!!

Katie Berman

When I started with Dr. Palotti I was in so much pain I couldn't stand myself. My chronic back pain was debilitating! With the help of the various staff; performing massages, strengthening and stretching work, and the various modalities Dr. Palotti uses, I'm back to being able to referee soccer games!

Jim Ross

Great atmosphere with honest communication and realistic expectations. I went there mainly for my headaches that lasted 3 days (my wife urged me to go, I was skeptical but figured couldn't hurt), after a few months of treatments, my headaches are 80% less frequent and lasting only a little over a day or much less when they do happen.

Melissa Charbonnet

Dr. P had me up and moving, pain-free, after others’ only recommendation was surgery. Our experience has been excellent, working with knowledgeable support staff and a well-run office, respectful of everyone’s time.

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