• Welcome

    Many patients wish they knew exactly what their first appointment would entail...
    We decided to show you!

  • When You Arrive

    When you arrive at our office, you will first sign in at our front desk and be greeted by our receptionist. If you have not filled out our New Patient Intake Form. Yet, they will give you a copy of it and instruct you to fill it out as they get a copy of your insurance and ID. Once that is complete, they will direct you to our Patient Consult Room to meet with our Case Manager.

  • After Your Consultation

    Once you have consulted with our Case Manager and they have reviewed your health history and the problems you are experiencing, they will then bring you to get x-rays and meet with our Chiropractor and our MD.
    Once this process is complete, they will direct you to the Front Desk to schedule your 2nd appointment where they will then go over the x-rays and review a personalized health plan and financials with you.

  • Your 2nd Visit

    When you come in for your 2nd appointment, you will sign in at the front desk and be greeted by our Receptionist. They will give you one of our travel sheets to fill out. These are sheets comprised of 8 questions that let us know how you've been feeling since the last time you were in (You will fill one of these out every time you come in.)

    You will then be directed to the Consult Room to meet with the Case Manager and the Chiropractor to go over your x-rays and your personal health plan.
    Once this process is complete, you will be brought to the front desk to schedule out with our Receptionist.

  • Your First Adjustment

    Once you are done scheduling with our Receptionist, our Case Manager will bring you back for your first adjustment!
    If you have any questions or concerns about the adjustment process, please feel free to let our Chiropractor know so that he can walk you through it.
    We want you to feel as comfortable as possible!

  • We Can’t Wait to Meet You!

    We, here at Advanced Integrative Medicine, are thrilled that you have chosen to trust us with your health. This is not something we take lightly. Our Doctors and staff will do everything in our power to make you feel right at home here.
    We'll see you soon!