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Dr. Shawn Pallotti


Whether you’re looking to focus on a specific issue, suffer from a chronic condition, or are trying to optimize your health so you can attain peak physical performance, we can help you get there.

At Advanced Integrative Medicine we believe in looking at the patient as a whole. We approach your health from an integrated and functional perspective, with the goal of really getting to the root of your problems. We believe that health is a collaboration between patient and provider, the product of working together, and we are here to help you reach it. 

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20 years


By Dr. Shawn Pallotti​

Raving Fans

  • Katie Berman
    When I started with Dr. Palotti I was in so much pain I couldn't stand myself. My chronic back pain was debilitating! With the help of the various staff; performing massages, strengthening and stretching work, and the various modalities Dr. Palotti uses, I'm back to being able to referee soccer games!
    Katie Berman
  • Jim Ross
    Great atmosphere with honest communication and realistic expectations. I went there mainly for my headaches that lasted 3 days (my wife urged me to go, I was skeptical but figured couldn't hurt), after a few months of treatments, my headaches are 80% less frequent and lasting only a little over a day or much less when they do happen.
    Jim Ross
  • Melissa Charbonnet
    Dr. P had me up and moving, pain-free, after others’ only recommendation was surgery. Our experience has been excellent, working with knowledgeable support staff and a well-run office, respectful of everyone’s time.
    Melissa Charbonnet